Management Consulting

In our Consulting business sector, we round off the planning and engineering services of our other sectors by providing comprehensive business management consultancy. Our focus is on the infrastructure sector and we have widespread expertise in the areas of energy, climate change and sustainability, urban infrastructure and transportation infrastructure

Our consultancy expertise is founded on, among others, our experience in providing support in strategic, transactional and organizational planning; project governance; and working out diverse IT solutions. Counting to our clients are financing institutes, government agencies and ministries, and local government as well as companies from the sectors of central utility services, waste management and traffic infrastructure.

  • Energy


    With technical and economic expertise, we advise on all current issues, from energy procurement to its efficient use.

    • Energy economics
    • Conventional power plants
    • Power transmission and distribution
    • Automation and telecommunications engineering
    • E-Mobility
    • Energy transportation and storage
    • Hydrogen technology
    • Energy management
    • Oil & Gas
  • Climate Change and Sustainability

    Climate Change and Sustainability

    With highly qualified engineers and consultants, we work on complex projects in the field of renewable energies and the environment.

    • Renewable energy
    • Environmental studies
    • Permit engineering
    • Environmental management
    • Environmental protection technologies
    • Waste management
  • Urban Infrastructure

    Urban Infrastructure

    With technical, ecological and economic know-how, we advise on the construction and operation of infrastructure facilities and ensure the responsible use of water resources.

    • Integrated water resources management
    • Water supply and sanitation
    • Seawater desalination
    • Architecture and building construction
    • Civil engineering and structural planning
    • Transportation
    • Mining and minerals
    • Geotechnics
  • Transportation Infrastructure

    Transportation Infrastructure

    We offer strategic, financial and operational advisory services in the area of

    • Roads
    • Ports
    • Airports
  • Chemical and Petrochemical

    For the chemical and petro-chemical industries, except for the basic process design which is normally done by the licensor, Fichtner can support both the owner and EPC contractor as the case may be by providing the residual cum detail engineering services. This involves review of the basic engineering process data provided by the licensor.

    Fichtner India can do both basic and detail engineering for the Offsite and Utilities for the main stream plant.

  • Range of services offered
    • Pre-bid engineering assistance
    • Detailed engineering
    • Basic engineering for offsite and utilities of main stream plant
    • Project management & planning
    • Procurement services
    • Inspection and expediting
    • Construction management
    • Commissioning assistance