Project Work in the Time of COVID-19

The COVID 19 pandemic severely limits the mobility of all people in the face of the necessary quarantines, travel restrictions and closures – including, of course, those of our experts and sales staff. However, we would like our clients to know that despite these restrictions, we continue to work hard on your projects.

Our consultants are used to intensive travel and working at several locations. They often do their work during airport stops and long flights. For this reason, it was easy for our experts to move their office workstation to the home office in order to reduce the risk of infection.

Wherever our employees work, even at our clients' premises, today's technology enables them to stay in touch with each other and with our clients – including via video conferencing. Our own international presence has been and continues to be supplemented by a worldwide and extensive network of partner companies and freelancers.

Although our mobility is limited, we continue to be active and committed to our clients. Even though there will be setbacks, we remain confident that we can make a positive contribution to our clients' projects.

Our Business Sectors

As a leading, independent engineering and consultancy enterprise active in the sectors of energy and infrastructure, we handle challenging projects in India and abroad. Our clients benefit from our all round expertise that we offer and the total solution that we provide.

Project Examples

The Fichtner Group’s engineering and consultancy expertise is in demand for realization of complex projects. What we undertake for our clients on a daily basis is illustrated by the following examples.