Fichtner India is committed to the cause of social service and development of the society.

The Company had constituted a CSR Committee consisting of three directors, to formulate and recommend to the Board, CSR Policy for the Company. The committee shall also advise the Board on CSR Activities to be undertaken, quantum of CSR spend and monitor implementation of its CSR projects.

CSR Policy

The Company shall endeavor to serve the society utilizing its competence and resources, complying with Section 135 of ‘Companies Act 2013’, towards the activities mentioned in Schedule VII of the Companies Act 2013, as amended from time to time, with special emphasis on the following objectives:

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Education, sanitation and empowerment of economically backward people with focus on children and women
  • Enabling social, economic and ecologically viable development of the rural community.

CSR Committee

Fichtner India’s CSR Committee comprises of

  • Mr. Jayaram Rangan
  • Mr.V. Narendra Kumar
  • Mr.D. John Suriamouli

CSR Programs

Tiny Power Grids Program at Bihar

Fichtner India, in association with Desi Power installed 10 tiny power grids in Araria District, Bihar, an underprivileged area, where the villagers do not have electricity even for their basic requirements.

The program focuses on providing electricity to villagers to enable them to increase their income and improve their living conditions. The main focus will be on:

(i) Households for lighting, mobile charging and other usage,

(ii) Pumps to provide irrigation water to small farmers.