Water & Infrastructure

Major areas of Fichtner India’s activities include technical and commercial consultancy and planning infrastructure projects for smart city, water supply, waste water system,storm water drainage and desalination. External Infrastructure for Integrated townships,Industrial Parks and Solar Parks form part of Fichtner India’s expertise. Urban Sector studies like City development plans, Town investment plans and City corporate cum business plans make up our specialised activities. FI is also involved in other associated areas like Building Information Modeling, Civil Engineering & Structural planning. Mining forms another area of our activities.

For decades, we have been a reliable partner who has provided advice and assistance to our clients in technical, ecological and economic aspects when managing water & infrastructure projects. Fichtner India takes on the diverse tasks of communal water supply and sanitation both within Municipalities and Private sectors along with integrated water resource management. Fichtner can boast of an excellent reputation as highly qualified technical consultants.

  • Smart Cities

    Smart Cities

    The Smart Cities Mission is a new initiative by the Government of India to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of people by enabling local development and harnessing technology as a means to create smart outcomes for citizens. Towards supporting this initiative of the Government of India, FI is involved in the development of Smart Cities as below:

    Area Based Development

    • Infrastructure Development
    • Market area redevelopment and rejuvenation
    • Designing Smart Roads by means of integrating approach towards vehicular traffic, non-motorised traffic, integrated cable ducts, water supplies, gas distribution, Storm water drains and LED street lamps.
    • Redevelopment of water supply & distribution and sewage disposal.
    • Integrated waste management including collection, transportation & disposal and waste to energy schemes.
    • Heritage preservation
    • Transport system design including last mile connectivity
    • Concepts for smart metering for electricity and water

    PAN City

    • ICT enabled services
  • Integrated Infrastructure Concepts

    Integrated Infrastructure Concepts

    We provide one stop solution for all the integrated infrastructure services for Townships, Industrial parks, Solar Parks etc. In this area of our activities, our team, comprised of experienced planners, civil engineers and detail designers, are well versed in planning the latest infrastructure and utility needs.

    Our services cover

    • Concept Master Plan,
    • Detailed Master Plan,
    • Detailed Project reports,
    • Detailed Engineering and preparation of GFC drawings
    • Procurement assistance

    Key areas of activity

    • Site Grading
    • Road networks
    • Storm water drainage & Rain water harvesting system
    • Water supply system including treatment, storage and distribution
    • Waste water / sewerage collection system
    • Treatment, recycle & reuse of waste water including zero discharge concepts
    • Power supply and distribution including road lighting
    • Telecom & communication network
    • Security & surveillance systems
    • Wind & Solar energy harnessing system
  • Water Supply and Sanitation

    Water Supply and Sanitation

    Fichtner India is engaged in projects for drinking water supply from groundwater, surface water and seawater. To the fore for drinking water supply in both rural and urban areas, Fichtner is involved in efficient and sustainable exploitation of water resources and playing a key role in planning and utilising water resources for proper sanitation and wastewater networks.

    Our water experts are involved in design concepts to commissioning including source identification, treatment, conveying, storage and water supply distribution networks as well as tender document preparation, procurement support and O&M plans. Our service ranges from formulation of new projects, improving & revamping existing water supply projects for urban & rural areas. Our team brings their experience and technical know-how to the forefront, when rehabilitating existing inadequate networks. Fichtner is also well equipped to studying reduction of water & power losses through water & energy audit.

    For sanitation, our engineers plan complex sewer networks at all scales. The design of pumping stations with high capacity wastewater transfer pipelines is often an integral part of our projects. Further, we plan wastewater and sewage networks to meet virtually all technical requirements and we have on hand specialist know-how for industrial wastewater treatment. Wastewater recycling is playing an increasingly important role in water utilization concepts & zero discharge concepts throughout the world and we take this into account in our planning.

    Key areas of activity

    • 24 x 7 Continuous Pressured Water Supply system
    • Underground Sewerage System including treatment & recycling
    • Engineering for Intake and Outfall Structures
    • Strom Water Drainage and Rain Water Harvesting Systems
    • Leak Detection
    • Water & energy audit
    • Tariff Design and Technical Audit for Water Supply projects
  • Seawater Desalination

    Seawater Desalination

    The Fichtner Group is engaged in desal projects and have been regularly handling seawater desalination. Our company has built up an incomparable wealth of experience in seawater desalination and intake systems. Alongside the thermal MSF and MED processes, today thanks to developments in membrane research, reverse osmosis technology is finding application even in large-scale facilities. Gaining in significance is tie-in of renewable energies to support energy supply for seawater desalination. Matching the desalination technology to the site conditions and manner of energy supply requires meticulous planning.

    Principal technologies

    • Reverse Osmosis - RO
    • Multiple Effect Distillation - MED
    • Multi-Stage Flash Distillation - MSF
    • Hybrid plants
    • Integration of regenerative energies
  • Building Information Modeling

    Building Information Modeling

    Building Information Modeling widely referred as BIM in the AEC industry is quite different from the conventional drawing based engineering. BIM process involves development of an intelligent data-rich 3D model environment which is shared among all participants working in the project throughout the lifecycle of the project from concept to commissioning, operations and maintenance of the facility until demolition. During concept stage of the project BIM enables the owners and other stake holders to visualize possible iterations before finalizing the most desired plan of the facility they develop. Also BIM enables achieving a clash free model fully loaded with all the services like HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection system, etc. before the drawings go to construction site. BIM helps managing the facility during operations and maintenance stage by way of facilitating easy identification of problem areas and rectification measures.

  • Civil and Structural Engineering

    Civil and Structural Engineering

    In Civil & Structural Engineering Sector, we have a large number of successfully realized projects engineered by us. Our experience encompasses right from Site Planning, Development of Site such as Survey, Soil Investigation, Site Grading & Levelling and Boundary Fencing etc., to Design & Detailed Engineering, Construction Supervision, Quality Control, Third Party Vetting, Independent Assessment Reporting etc.

    Our service portfolio includes, Water & Sewage Treatment Plants, City Utility Networks, Offshore Intake Structures & Cross-country Conveying System besides the Architectural, Civil and Structural work of all types of Power Plants ranging from Coal, Oil, Gas, Bio mass including Solar Plants and Process Plant.

    We provide the full range of Services Phases right from preparation of Project Prefeasibility Report to Detailed Project Report, Tender Specification, Technical Bid Evaluation, Design & Engineering, Preparing detail Drawings & Design Calculations, Construction Supervision, Project Governance etc. We offer additionally Damage Appraisals and devising the required Rehabilitation Concepts Services also.

    Our planning efforts consider layouts that are optimized without jeopardizing the plant / process requirements, as far as it is feasible, with a holistic approach considering cost of various materials and services.

    We have successfully executed both Greenfield and Brownfield projects globally with significant constraints at site including challenging soil conditions complying to respective project technical requirements as well as relevant codes and standards.

    Principal structure types:

    • Power plants
    • Process Plants
    • Water & Infrastructural works

  • Mining & Minerals and Material Handling

    Mining & Minerals and Material Handling

    Fichtner India’s experience encompasses majority of engineering disciplines which cater to engineering activities related to mine development & bulk material handling. Our services range from engineering planning, layout development to detail engineering of mine infrastructure and mechanized bulk material handling system.

    We handle projects for the whole range of technologies in the sector of material handling in Mines, Thermal power plants both in-plant coal handling and external coal handling at the Port, conveyance from Port to the power plant, and support our clients throughout all project phases, from feasibility study through to plant commissioning

    Key Areas of Activity

    • Mine Infrastructure development
    • Civil and structural design of buildings/Steel Structures
    • Mechanized system design for mineral sizing, conveying, storage, reclaiming, truck/ rail loading facilities
    • Mine water supply and distribution system
    • Power Supply and distribution
  • Urban Planning

    Urban Planning

    Fichtner India is involved in the urban planning sector for various government departments for preparation of Master Plan for Civic Infrastructures, preparation of City development Plan (CDP), City Corporate cum Business Plan (CCBP), Town Investment Plan (TIP), Comprehensive Infrastructure Investment Plan and Land use mapping and Demand forecast of Civil Infrastructure.

    Urban Planning includes assessment of existing infrastructures, forecasting population growth and its direction, demand assessment including short & medium term infrastructure needs, prioritization in consultation with the stakeholders, identifying gaps, preparation of Financial and Operating Plan etc.