Energy sector has been Fichtner India’s main focus where our expertise cover technical, commercial and economic aspects. We offer wide ranging energy solutions from energy generation to its efficient utilization. Our experience in power generation spans from conventional power generation technologies, to emerging technologiesincluding renewable energy.

Design & Engineering of thermal power plants, both solid fuel fired and Oil/ gas fired, involving Super Critical power plants, Gas Turbine based Simple/ combined cycle plants, IC Engine based plants, has been Fichtner India’s traditional core business and, over decades, we have accumulated expertise from hundreds of design and engineering projects. We also develop solutions for electrical substation and transmission projects. We are also committed to sustainable energy through renewable energy solutions involving solar and biomass. Our consultancy services cover the engineering needs of the oil and gas industry as well.

We advise clients throughout the project lifecycle starting from pre-feasibility during project development phase, procurement assistance during implementation phase to design & engineering during construction phase.

  • Conventional Power Plants

    Conventional Power Plants

    Design and Engineering of thermal power plants has been our core expertise. The capability for design ranges from less than 1 MW plant to large plants with 800 MW unitscovering all types of fuels such as solid, liquid and gaseous fuels involving conventional boiler plants with steam turbines, IC Engine Plants and Simple/ Combine cycle GT plant.Ourclients trust and rely on our vast experience in offering services ranging from conceptual development through to site supervision and management of commissioning. We handle all engineering sections, from civil and process engineering through mechanical engineering and up to electrical and I&C engineering.


    Our engineers are well versed with the state-of-the-art technologies, the design standards and norms and the operating practices. This combined with the knowledge of all influencing factors, processes and planning steps contribute to our design optimization process as well as in assessment of plant performance.


    In addition to technology and economic performance, we also take into consideration, environmental protection and sustainability, plant safety and operation & maintenance aspects.

    The various types of power plant that we handle include

    • Coal- and lignite-fired power plants
    • Gas turbine based Simple /Combined cycle power plants
    • Industrial captive power plants
    • Combined Heat and Power Cogeneration plants
    • Waste-to-energy plants
    • IC Engine plants
  • Oil and Gas

    Oil and Gas

    In the oil and gas sector, Fichtner India offers design and detailed engineering services for mechanical, piping, electrical I&C and civil disciplines. The projects that are covered by us include not only petrochemical industry but also process and chemical industries. Our experts are conversant with the relevant industry standards and practices including safety related regulations. Our experience includes design and engineering for long distance conveying piping, storage tanks, heat exchangers and pressure vessels. Our expertise also includes selection of rotating equipment such as compressors and turbines.We offer services including basic design, detailed engineering, procurement assistance, vendor engineering review, project management and supervision of construction and commissioning.

    The sectors that are covered by Fichtner India under Oil and Gas include,

    • LNG/ LPG Projects
    • Refineries and Tankfarm Projects
    • Chemical and Petrochemical projects